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Welcome to the Tomato Triangle Website

The Tomato Triangle is a tomato cage support system unlike any other. Made from durable plastic components, our cages will never rust or rot. Each assembled tomato cage can support as much as 100 pounds.

The Tomato Triangle support system can be easily scaled in both height and width. As your plant grows, the Tomato Triangle system can grow with it. When the growing season is over, the cages can be quickly disassembled into compact components for easy storage.  


Introducing the Tomato Triangle

Some of the greatest inventions in history are simple devices that accomplish something very useful. The paper clip comes to mind. While probably not in the same class as the paper clip, our Tomato Triangle is almost as simple. …

Assembled Trianglar Layer

When three Tomato Triangle connectors are mated with three equal-sized pieces of ½” pipe, a triangle is created. These triangles are then attached to three “posts” made from lengths of ¾” PVC pipe connected together by ¾” slip “T” connectors. ...

Scalable in All Directions

One of the great features of this design is that the structure is totally scalable in both height and width. The width of each horizontal triangle assembly is determined by the length of the ½”  pipes that …

What Will It Cost?

The Tomato Triangle connectors are sold in four kit sizes. Each kit contains just the Tomato Triangle connectors needed to build the appropriate number of support structures. The off-the-shelf PVC pipe and connector components needed to complete the assembly must be supplied by the customer. Here is a breakdown of the components and costs associated with the construction of a typical tomato cage.

How To Purchase

At this point in time, the Tomato Triangle connectors are not available for purchase. We are in the process of obtaining the manufacturing tooling required to make this product on a large scale and at a reasonable cost. Our primary funding source will be a crowd sourcing project on the KickStarter web site. This project will go live on the KickStarter site in January 2014.